Valentines loves ENDO

Weekend just after Valentines day 24 dentist from St. Petersburg showed their love to ENDO.

Micro - endodontics in Warsaw.

10/02/14 dentists from Kaliningrad (Russia) were "positively infected" with love to magnification.

Hands on course at Kursk 01-02/02/14

Thank You all for being there with us. It was a pleasure to meet You.


Case of the week part 2

Tooth 17 with necrotic pulp and periodontical lesion. One visit endodontic treatment. Canals were shaped P-04/40 20mm, DB- 04/35 21mm, MB- 04/35 21mm, MB2- 04/30 20mm. Canal MB2 connected with DB. CWO.


Case of the week part1.

Retreatment in lower, first, right molar. Two visit RCT with Calcipast (calcium hydroxide paste). Mesial Canals prepared with ProTaper Universal to file F2, F3 in distal. CWO with AH plus.


Rubberdam in difficult case

This lower second premolar was difficult to isolate to RCT because of its improper position (buccal protrusion). Standard clamp with wings (hygenic) was used, two holes were made with puncher. From mesial side a Wejet was used instead of clamp.