Case of the week part 14.

Fresh case after holidays :)  Lower first premolar. On the left picture is situation at the beginning. Patient is planning prosthetic reconstruction and have some pain in this region. GP asked me to retreat #44. I also checked vitality in #45 (looks bad to me) but it is vital! I told the patient that we will meet soon with #45 and start the party with #44. Always when I see parallel "shadow" to canal I search for additional one (black arrow). In this case both canals were very narrow and loooong (25,5 and 26 mm). I spend 2 hours on this case, but second picture looks pretty to me :)


Case of the week part 13

This case was made at single appointment. Patient was reffered to my office with some gutta-percha cone in medial canals. That was improper working length. Canals were very narrow, so i started to negotiate with #08 K-file, and then Endostar Five (Poldent) protocol. Final size/taper was 30.04 both in medials and distal one. After three years looks nice to me :)


Case of the week part 12

Sometimes internal tooth anatomy is different than standard. In this case in second maxillary premolar were two canals in apical third. Split was located very deep in RC. And curvature of apical third is in wrong direction ;)