Case of the week part 7

This case was very difficult due to huge periapical lesions and resorbtion of distal root apex. Apical diameter in distal one was more than 80 ISO, so i decided to put there MTA plug. Three visits to complete this case with calcium hydroxide intracanal dressing. 2 years follow up. Tooth finally restored with AET bridge.

Pulp clue.

This is how necrotic pulp sometimes can help us in pretending hand files. On the left picture is necrotic pulp on barbed broach from distal canal tooth 46. Mind how narrow and curved it might be in apical part. On the right side is #8 c-pilot removed from WL.


Easter one visit approach ;)

Todays case- just before Easter - another one visit approach. First of all - rebuild tooth to class I, then perform RCT! Happy Easter to all of You!


One visit treatment

Tooth #26. Patient reffered to my office after previous trepanation of pulp chamber and pulp amputation. Four canals prepared in different way - P and DB with Pro Taper Next and MB1 and MB2 with Endostar Five (more flexible than Protapers). Sodium hypochlorite activated with Endoactivator. CW obturation with Ad Seal.


Case of the week part 6

This patient was reffered to my office with pain in reg. tooth 15. Initial RVG reveals huge periapical lesions. I cleaned and shaped the canal with Endostar Five (Poldent Company) to size 30.06 and dressed canal with calcium hydroxide. Obturation with CWO on second appointment. Tooth restoration with composite, because patient don't want any crown. Is this also a problem in your practice to convince patient to any kind of prosthetic restoration after endo treatment?