Short movie about broken file removal

In this case after straight line access made with GG burs and Munce discovery (pink one) I used Ufile (Mani) mounted on endochuck. As You can see sometimes its not so easy even if "its dancing around the root canal" ;) Hope You like the movie. Watch in HD!



There is nothing more We can do exept diagnosis and further extraction.

Deep Split

The hardest part is to see where is that split. Shaping must be done in almost dry canal, to navigate files in proper direction. Deep split is also difficult to obturate. Master cone must be placed in one canal and cut just under the split. Then You can fill second one.


Perforation part 2.

This is how can We deal with MTA on perforation during RCT. Flowable composite is a kind of shield. 

Kaliningrad 23.03.2014

Third time in this lovely city with lovely people. Hard working group, many questions, great time!



Moment of truth

Magnification helps us every day. Sometimes diagnosis is not good. Vertical root fracture can eliminate tooth.

Case of the week part 5.

Broken file removal....nightmare. Upper left picture is initial. In mesio-buccal canal there was w broken part of K-file. Luckily was in upper third of RC so it was few moments to remove it (upper right picture). After instrumentation, during final irrigation apical part of smooth wire placed in endochuck separated. It was placed in apical foramen. It was very risky to remove it without root damage. I decided to leave it as it was and fill canals with CWO. Broken part was pushed through apical foramen by gutta-percha (lower left pic.). Recall after 8 months - besides small metal part all lesions are gone! Lucky me ;)


Perforation in pulp chamber floor.

First video on this blog. Please enjoy. To be continued...

Case of the week part 4.

Patient came to my office with throbbing pain i reg. 46. Tooth was treated twice before. On the initial X-ray periapicalis lesion is present nearby mesial root apex. It was two visit treatment with calcium hydroxide intracanal. On second appointment after 2 weeks no pain or swelling was observed. Recall after 8 months. Seems good to me :)


Case of the week part 3.

Another one visit RCT. Problem here were very long canals (24mm). Prepared with Endostar Five to size 04/30, CWO.