Case of the week part 19

Today 3 year check up. Prosthetic reconstruction of RC treated teeth is as important as proper shaping and obturating.


Broken post removal

This is one of my favorites tools to removing metal posts, especially standard ones. Even when head of post is broken, Start - X #4 by Mailleffer can do the job. Today patient was referred to my office just for removing that piece of metal. It took me .... 45 seconds with that great tool! I spend more time with applying rubber dam in this hard conditions. :)))

Case of the week part 18

Fresh case after great conference Endoday in Cluj - Napoca (Romania). One visit endo, very challenging case due to calcified root canals especially in medial root. You can also observe slight "S" shape, and of course additional canal in distal. Medials prepared to 25/04 distal to 35/02.


Case of the week part 17

I am creating keynote presentation for next week Endoday meeting in Cluj - Napoca (Romania) and selecting nice and fresh cases for curved and S shape canals. In this case S shape canals were present in medial root of tooth 46. They were connected in apical part of root, and very narrow. I finish shaping protocol on 30.02 NiTi Two rotary files (Poldent company). Hope You will like it. See You in Transylvania!


Case of the week part 16

Tooth #46. Patient referred to my office to remove broken file and finish RCT. What a challenge! File was broken in MB canal. It tools me 45 minutes to remove it (upper right RVG). Next appointment i finished case - very narrow canals but prepared to size 35 Crown down with rotaries. Waiting for recall.