Case of the week part 10

Another nice healing. Two visits treatment with calcium hydroxide dressing. Canal shaped with Big Apical Files (Poldent) to size 50.04. Half year recall to check if surgery (apicoectomy) is needed. Patient doesn't feel any pain for percussion or palpation. Seems good to me :)


Restoration part 2

Tooth 17, vital case, huge caries on buccal surface. Unfortunately i have lost pre operative picture, so the first on the left is just after dentine restoration. Then enamel composite and a little bit too much staining i think ;) On the right is after final polishing. Hope You will enjoy!


Another movie about quick ultrasonic broken file removal.

During ultrasonic removal of a broken file You have to work in dry conditions. Otherwise You can not see broken part of instrument. Ultrasonic tip without water cooling is getting hot. That is the reason why assistant should blow air from three in one syringe. That air is cooling the tooth and removing dentine debris from Your working field. 

Case of the week part 9

Last week i had a patient with interesting anatomy of lower first premolar. She came to my office with RVG (first on the left). You can see broken lentulo spiral (red arrow) and missed canal (green arrow). Middle RVG is after my first appointment - i shaped missed canal and try to remove lentulo. After 1,5 hour "fighting" i gave up and dressed canals with calcium hydroxide. Right RVG is just after second appointment with removed lentulo and filled canals. Hope You enjoy!


Case of the week part 8

Silver point removal is difficult. The key to do it in easy way is to remove it in one piece. In this case i used ultrasonic tip (endochuck with #30 ISO K-file) to gently remove surrounding cement. I touch silver point with UD very gently, because of the high risk of breakage. Then I took injection needle (size 0.8) and phosphate cement (Agatos Rapid) to lock tip of silver point in needle. Rest of treatment was easy. Preparation with Revo-S files to size 40.04 and CWO with AdSeal.