Case of the week part 11

C-shape canal is not very common system. Most often We can ring it in lower second molars. In this case " : " version is present. Only two canals have an anatomical apex (one located medially and one distally), but between them is long isthmus. Rotary files can shape only main canals, rest should be chemically disinfected. Ultrasonic activation of sodium hypochlorite and warm gutta percha obturation are essential for me in that kind of anatomy. What is your "tips and tricks" with C-shape?


Overlay reconstruction

Reconstruction of missing tooth structure after RCT is also very important part of treatment. Indirect composite overlay is one of the best option. It covers all cusps and occlusal surface, and have more conservative approach than PFM crown. In this case it was cemented on dual cure composite cement.


Preparing for 2 days lecture

Last check up of presentation and stuff i need for 2 days hands on course of advance endodontics in magnification. Szczecin I am coming soon!